Follicular puncture and egg extraction is performed under intravenous anaesthesia in ultrasound control. Through the vagina, a special needle punctures each follicle and follicular fluid with an egg is extracted in special tubes. The embryologist microscopes the content of each tube and counts the eggs collected. Unfortunately, not all follicles contain egg cells. It happens that some of the eggs have not detached from the follicle wall, so it is called an empty follicle.

Egg extraction usually takes 20-30 minutes. It depends on the number of follicles. After the procedure, the woman is taken to her room, where she rests until ready to go home. After the puncture, you may feel a slight discomfort, soreness in the lower abdomen or slight spotting. You will receive recommendations for what to do if experiencing any issues or problems.

Sperm collection: your partner must collect a semen sample in a specially designated space. We recommend to abstain from sex an average of 2-3 days before the procedure.