Dr. Jekaterina Jagodzinska- Peškova

Anaesthesiologist – reanimatologist


Graduated in 2011 RSU Medical Faculty in doctor’s specialty. 2018 Graduated from RSU Faculty of Continuing Education (part of residency) in the specialty anaesthetist – reanimatologists.

2013-2015 Doctor of Medical Genetics at the Department of Biology and Microbiology, RSU 2013 – 2016 Doctor trainee anaesthetist-reanimatologist at RAKUS Clinic “Linezers”.

2016 – 2017 Lecturer at the Department of Clinical Skills and Medical Technology RSU 2016 – 2017 doctor internist anaesthesiologist-reanimatologist in the clinic.

“IVF Riga” 2011 – 2018 resident doctor anaesthesiologist-reanimatologist P. Stradiņa KUS.

2013 – 2018 doctor trainee anaesthesiologist-reanimatologist at the Latvian Marine Medical Center.

From 2018 works at RMC “Embrions” as an anaesthetist. Constantly studies and expands the knowledge in courses and seminars.