Latest generation inverted microscope has been installed in “Embrions” laboratory


We are very happy and proud to announce about the installation of the latest generation ergonomic class inverted microscope Nikon Eclipse and manipulators with injectors Narishige in our laboratory. The first procedure with a new microscope was carried out today, and it improves not only the quality of the ISCI procedure, but also the convenience, ergonomics and quality of the work of ... Continue reading

Happiness of helping to have a child


29-year-old mother of three has already donated her eggs five times to help women have a baby.

“I wanted to help families that are less fortunate. I had a chance to help to have more wanted and expected babies. Not everyone wants to take a baby from an orphanage, a woman wants to carry the child and give birth herself,” says the young woman, whose identity by law cannot be disclosed, therefore we will call her Ieva.

Also among her acquaintances are people who were not destined to have a baby in a natural way, and it was another persuasion for egg donation. After all, her own children were proof that her eggs are strong and the children healthy. In addition, during a woman’s life more eggs mature than necessary.

The idea to become a donor occurred within a day and was immediately followed by action – the same day ... Continue reading

Egg donation – evidence of the highest generosity and human empathy


Interview with the head of the reproductive medicine centre “Embrions” Dr. Gints Treijs.

In about 5% of all IVF cases, it is necessary to use donor eggs.

In Latvia, the number of infertile couples is much larger than the number of women who choose to become an egg donor.

People’s dreams, goals, and priorities in life are very different. It can be a dream of a good career, traveling the world, having a big house in the suburbs, a reliable and loving spouse… However, human dreams in any period for as long as mankind remembers itself is the desire to become parents. The dream to hold a new-born, watch their first steps, teach to read and learn the most important values of life is so human, that all the other dreams sooner or later are sub-ordered to this dream. Unfortunately, not all couples can fulfil this dream naturally without medical assistance.

Nowadays at least 11-13% of couples face infertility problems. ... Continue reading

In Latvia we lack donors of gametes


One infertility treatment is ectopic fertilization and to perform it donor gametes are often needed.

Artificial fertilization with a donor egg is used when other possible solutions and procedures have not helped to produce a baby. Unfortunately, for many couples donor eggs are not available because in Latvia we lack egg donors. Why? Explains reproductive medical centre “Embrions” specialists:

An egg donor can be a young woman who feels the desire to help fulfil another family’s dream of a baby. The primary conditions to become a donor are physical, mental and reproductive health, age and habits. It is desirable that the woman has at least one child. If a woman is emotionally ready to be a donor, she sees a specialist, receives information about the procedure and is thoroughly examined. Only then the woman receives confirmation that she can become an egg donor.

Medics underline that in Latvian we lack sperm cell donors. Doctors explain it ... Continue reading